Welcome to my blog, Chronically Gypsy! You might be wondering what this site is about, so here is my story….

My name is Sarah, in my 30’s, married, and have 4 fur babies. This blog is about being chronically ill with invisible illnesses, trying to heal myself with healthy shakes and exercise, coaching, selling our home and most of the stuff in it, buying an RV, RV living, decorating, DIY, animals, crafting, food, food, did I mention food?!


My husband and I sold our home and moved to the Bay Area for his job. We decided to purchase and live in an RV so we could pay off some bills and save for a new house down the road. We both are new to RV living and have already had some crazy good and crazy experiences.


I was working as a flight attendant for almost 10 years when I was in a severe accident on the aircraft while flying. While trying to figure out how to treat me, I didn’t receive proper medical care and my injuries soon turned into fibromyalgia. I have Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Andrenal Gland Fatigue (stage 5), Hypothyroidism, and numerous hormone issues.

I am hoping by sharing my story, my frustrations, my ups and downs, that I might be able to help others experiencing something similar feel normal, and not so alone as being chronically ill can be isolating.


Growing up I felt like I was always sick. I never had great eating habits as I was always thin and never felt like I needed to. Once I became sick with chronic everything and auto immune disorders, I decided enough was enough. I am picky as hell and knew from the last 36 years of life I was not going to wake up and start eating a ton of fruits and veggies the next day. I felt stuck. I came across this girl on Instagram and started to follow her on Insta! She was and is incredibly inspiring. Hayley kept talking about these shakes and taking videos of her exercising. I finally tried the shakes and Oh my god these shakes are amazing! I personally love the chocolate flavor and I add some peanut butter to it and its like dessert!

After sampling the shakes and realizing that I can do this too, I signed up for the shakes and the exercise videos. You can do these videos from anywhere! As you know we live in an RV and I can do them from here. If I can so can you! Due to my injuries I cannot do the impact exercises so as of right now I am trying out the PiYo and the Yoga. I LOVE IT!

If you have any interest in getting healthy for 2018 or hell just doing some yoga at home in you PJ’s and drinking healthy shakes that taste like dessert please let me know and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have!


I absolutely love to cook and bake! Cooking has been a bit more difficult in an RV but I am still learning. We recently purchased an Instant Pot so I will be making a lot of meals with the Instant Pot and our Crockpot.


What do I love more than cooking and baking? Decorating and DIY! We have decided to give our RV a makeover. Even though our RV is brand new it still isn’t our style. We have already taken down the factory curtains and replaced them with lighter blackout curtains. I am now painting all of the wood a cream color to lighten up the RV as it originally has dark wood. In 400sqft, dark wood just doesn’t work for me.

I have been decorating friends and co-workers houses for over 10 years now and I love it.


I have had a side gig called Gypsy Designs for the last couple of years making handmade home decor. I have made anything between wreaths to needlepoint signs. I will admit that since we have very little space here in the RV, I haven’t been able to craft like I used to when I had my own crafting room. I am having serious crafting withdrawals!