RV Living

Christmas Time at the RV!

Christmas time is here at our little RV. Christmas is my favorite holiday! Why? Believe it or not, I am not religious so it has never been about religion for me. I was an incredibly lucky child and had parents who went out of their way to make sure my brother and I always had the best holidays, but especially Christmas. Out of every holiday the best most, heart warming memories always take me back to Christmas.

Our Christmas traditions which I have carried on into our marriage includes, Christmas Eve at my parents house with our homemade enchiladas. Opening up all of the stockings on Christmas Eve. Waking up early like the little kids we sometimes are and I play Santa and hand out the gifts. We all proceed to open the gifts and take pictures with everyone and their new presents. We then have our amazing stuffed French toast for Christmas breakfast!

When we lived in our house, we had a large tree and Dan put up all the lights in the front of the house and inside our courtyard. Every room was decorated with something small for Christmas. Inside and outside, you knew it was Christmas at our house! That is one thing, I find myself missing a little now that we live in an RV.

We bought a smaller tree (for obvious reasons) and we put some lights and some decor up on the inside and outside. For me, it just isn’t the same so I am having a hard time with it. Maybe it was because this is the first Christmas in such a small space? Or because we aren’t experiencing Christmas at our home now that we live in an RV?

We will also be cutting back on presents for each other this year due to the space and the fact that we’re trying to save money. Dan and I were discussing presents and we both came to the realization that we don’t really need anything and even if we wanted something, where will we put it? HA!

So here I sit next to my husband, with our tiny home, and our tiny tree……and in this moment I remember why we did this, why we decided to sell our home and purchase an RV. We were living separate lives and this was the only affordable way to live together again. So I will end this rant with this: Always appreciate what you have. I would rather sit here every night next to my husband while he snores away than be living separate lives again.

Cheers friends!


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