Invisible Illness

Here I am again…

So here I am again….laying down in pain. My husband Dan had the last week off and it was great! I loved being able to spend some real quality time together for the first time in awhile. He was able to help me with our ever growing “honey do list” as well. Now that he went back to work today, I woke up this morning with a to-do list for myself and I could barely move out of bed! WTF?!

While he was home, I had pain but it was manageable and I am thankful for that but I am paying for it today. The problem with fibromyalgia and chronic pain is you get flares. Sometimes these flares can last months, years or just a day. You just never know, so it makes it hard to plan anything when you get a flare or any plans that you might have had now have to be cancelled.

I guess my point to this post is that I can’t help but feel useless. Dan is at work all day and I can’t even get up. I hate this. (If your wondering why I am not working, I will save that for another post.) Dan understands that I can’t do much when I get a flare and he is very accommodating so that does help as I don’t feel pressure from him to get things done. I am incredibly thankful for that as I am hard on myself already.

I was finally able to take a shower and change my clothes. I am hoping this flare will pass sooner rather than later so I can get this mess taken care of!

Cheers to taking it easy when needed.

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