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Our Fur Babies!

My husband and I currently have 4 fur babies/dogs. How did we end up with 4 dogs? When we lived in my hometown in the Central Valley we volunteered as fosters for our local SPCA. We both love animals more than humans and we both grew up with animals.

Before my husband and I met in 2009, I had a chihuahua named Chivo. My husband and I met in Denver and at the time I did not have my baby with me as I was in Denver for my career as a flight attendant. Only knowing one person at the time, it wasnt possible for me to bring Chivo out to Denver with me so thankfully my parents took him in till I could figure out a way to bring him out.

Towards the end of 2009, I was in an accident while flying. I tried to continue working as a flight attendant even going part-time since I loved it so much but I could no longer work as a flight attendant due to my work related injuries. It was at this time, I took my last free flight back home and picked Chivo up and brought him back to Denver.

Fast forward a bit and now Dan and I are living together in downtown Denver. We have Chivo but it was a dream of Dan’s to have a dog of his own and a larger dog as well. This is when Shiba came into our lives. We adopted Shiba from the Boulder Humane Society. Shiba was a 1-year-old Shiba Inu/German Shepherd mix and we love her to death.

While looking at the humane society website I saw a little fluffy dog that had some behavior issues and was in foster care due to these issues. This little fluffy, chunky, red-haired dog was also 7 years old at the time and I knew her chances of getting adopted were slim. Dan and I went back down to Boulder Humane Society and quickly adopted the fluffy dog. We named her Gypsy due to her being a “street dog.” We now have 3!

Fast forward again: We have now moved back to California! We moved into the house I had owned for 11 years, got married, I went back to school, etc. I needed a break from studying so I took Shiba to the dog park down the road. This dog park is small and completely fenced in.  Shiba kept running to one corner, bark, and then run back. I finally followed her over to this corner and noticed what I thought was poop. Well the poop moved! Shiba was showing me this 3-4 week old pure bred Chihuahua! Holy cow!

Still don’t understand how anyone could simply abandon a dog but I picked her up and took her home. Once we figured out that she wasnt being “claimed” by anyone we decided to keep her. We named her Reese. Reese was so small/young that I had to bottle feed her. Our pack also didn’t like her at first so I also had to teach her how to bark. This is why her bark is kinda funny! Reese and I have been inseparable ever since.

Around 2014 is when we started fostering for our local SPCA. This is how we ended up with Macey. We think Macey is a jack Russel mix due to her crazy energy,  and her physique. This brings us to 5 dogs. It was at this time our now 19-year-old chihuahua Chivo was getting sick. It was now time to make the very hard decision to put him down. This was one of the hardest decisions of my life. We had him cremated and have his ashes in a sun spot, just like he always liked.

Back to 4 dogs. We fostered a handful of dogs and we started to foster this tiny little blond chihuahua with the biggest ears you have ever seen. We gave her the name Sophie. Sophie was originally supposed to be adopted by my parents but they weren’t ready for another dog yet and by this time we had already grown attached to her. So you guessed it, we were foster failures again! Now back to 5 dogs!

Fast forward to 2017: Gypsy is now 13 years old and she had been having health issues for the past year. We literally tried everything the vets told us to. In the beginning of it all the medications seemed to help and we had hope but that did not last. Towards the end her hacking/coughing was constant and she was miserable. We again had to make the horrible decision and we decided we could no longer be selfish so we put her down. We also had her cremated and have her on our mantle. Now back to 4.

We do not have human kids (will explain that in another post) so we’re those people who treat our dogs as our kids. All 4 dogs are spoiled rotten and we love them more than anything.

Below are some pictures of all of our babies! Enjoy!

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