Everyday Life

Weekend Fun

Did anyone do anything fun this past weekend? Do tell!

My best friend Sabrina and her boyfriend Ken came and stayed with us for the night! We kept saying “we have a play date!” Sabrina and Ken also have dogs and they brought theirs so our dogs also had a “play date.”

Sabrina and I talk daily but we live about 2 hours apart, we both deal with chronic pain and illness and then there is that thing called life that seems to always get in the way of having fun with your friends! We unfortunately don’t get to hang out in person as often as we would prefer so this was awesome for us!

We all haven’t laughed that hard in such a long time and you know what they say….”laughter is the best medicine.” We had some adult beverages and played a couple of games. We played Cards Against Humanity and Watch Yo Mouth! OMG! HILARIOUS! Both games are excellent and I recommend them to everyone! Watch  Yo Mouth is for all ages but Cards Against Humanity should be for adults only and I don’t recommend playing this with your parents.

We were having so much fun that next thing you know, we look at the clock and it was already 2:30AM! We called it a night at that point but my god we had so much fun and we cannot wait to do it again in the near future! Here is the one picture from that night and yes I am wearing a Mrs. Clause onesie. It was marvelous!

(Links to both games are below)




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