Growing up I felt like I was always sick. I never had great eating habits as I was always thin and never felt like I needed to. Once I became sick with chronic everything and auto immune disorders, I decided enough was enough. I am picky as hell and knew from the last 36 years of life I was not going to wake up and start eating a ton of fruits and veggies the next day. I felt stuck. I came across this girl on Instagram and started to follow her on Insta! She was and is incredibly inspiring. Hayley kept talking about these shakes and taking videos of her exercising. I finally tried the shakes and Oh my god these shakes are amazing! I personally love the chocolate flavor and I add some peanut butter to it and its like dessert!

After sampling the shakes and realizing that I can do this too, I signed up for the shakes and the exercise videos. You can do these videos from anywhere! As you know we live in an RV and I can do them from here. If I can so can you! Due to my injuries I cannot do the impact exercises so as of right now I am trying out the PiYo and the Yoga. I LOVE IT!

If you have any interest in getting healthy for 2018 or hell just doing some yoga at home in you PJ’s and drinking healthy shakes that taste like dessert please let me know and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have!

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