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So today I slept and slept and slept. Now I find myself awake. This can be pretty standard with someone who is chronically ill but the fatigue has been incredibly worse.

Can anyone else relate to this?

When I first started taking my thyroid meds, I noticed the difference almost immediately. My fatigue was so much better that I started to feel more like myself again. It was amazing!

Now almost 2 years later, I am back to square one again.

Any tips for this fatigue?

With the fatigue comes shame and embarrassment. You don’t want people like your friends, family or significant other to think you’re just being lazy since they don’t understand fatigue and they just think your tired. Let me just say the fatigue I deal with is not just tired. When your whole body feels like it weighs a ton and it’s hard to get up just to use that bathroom, that is fatigue not just tired. I would love to just be tired.

Please share your stories below! I would love to hear from you.

Everyday Life


Shiba! Shiba is our baby girl from the Boulder Humane Society. We adopted her when were living together in Denver. Shiba is the first dog we adopted as a couple. Shiba is one of the smartest, most well behaved dogs we both have ever had. Our friends say she acts like a human. Shiba will be 9 years old this year. She is a mix between a Shiba Inu/German Shepherd. Shiba loves to go on hikes with Dan and loves swimming in any water, even swampy water! 🤯😂Shiba also loves loves loves snow! Love you baby girl!

Everyday Life


Sophie or what we should have named her, Yoda! Sophie was our foster from the CCSPCA. We have had her since she was 4 weeks old. We are considered “foster failures” since we decided to adopt her! Sophie is a whopping 3lbs and will be turning 3 years old in April. We love our little Yoda so very much and are happy to be foster failures.

Everyday Life


Always has to be next to me or touching me. Love my baby girl. We found her almost 5 years ago abandoned in a dog park. She was so young her eyes were barely open. We decided to adopt her. Our pack didn’t take to her at first so I had to teach her how to bark so her bark is very human like and funny. I also had to bottle feed her due to her being so young. Reese is my baby girl and I love her to death!